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  • Rainpal® will have a much wider wiping area than in the above video of around 25cms almost from 1 pinlock to the other side pinlock anchoring point, plus variable speed, variable delay wipe. We do not sell helmets, Rainpal® is an aftermarket electric wiper for existing visors.
  • Rainpal® is all about providing motorcycle riders with the clearest vision and therefore saving lives. Cars, buses, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, CCTV, all have wipers but currently motorcycle helmet visors do not. Rain repellents help but do not provide anything like as clear vision that a wiper provides especially against road spray with our Rainpal® water spray squirt and wipe for a lovely clear visor. Riding a motorcycle the rider is far more exposed to danger than driving a car but has inferior vision. Our mission is to make riding a great deal safer by adding a wiper to your existing visor with our aftermarket Rainpal® Riders especially in monsoons, heavy rain, drizzle, fog and the dreaded road spray and all types of precipitation will be provided with optimal vision and therefore much safer riding both in the wet and in the dry being able to blast off dust, bugs using our Rainpal® jet wash filled with an effective solution of visor cleaner replacing clean water. used in wet conditions You don't want to have your left hand wiping your visor when a car pulls out the difference with Rainpal® is that you keep both your hands on the steering controlling Rainpal® with your left thumb via wireless equals a safer ride. 

  • Road spray all over your visor well not anymore a tedious problem. As we know in colder climates after the actual rain stops roads can stay wet for many hours Rainpal®'s jet wash sprays your visor with clean water, or if you prefer visor cleaner easy wash/wipe your visor providing effortless clear vision and therefore a safer ride. You will never have to worry about traffic spray again. 

  • Over 6500 people agree with us on Facebook and millions of riders have viewed us globally over 111,800 views on YouTube

  • Feedback suggests that a good visor cleaner will soften and remove bugs and will not scratch. Scratches are caused by gloves embedded with grit but as Rainpal® is controlled with your left thumb via wireless control positioned about your existing left control cube you will not need to use your gloves therefore there should be no scratching. Easy to clean even in traffic without taking your helmet off. Examples of visor cleaners are Bullet, Shift-It these solutions evaporate and do not cause any colour bleeding and with Rainpal® blast away the road grime, smears and bugs off your visor for the clearest view ever. Keep Rainpal® on all the time to provide excellent vision in the dry or the rain.

  • Our website traffic keeps increasing it is exciting developing Rainpal® the only electric visor wiper in the world.
  • Not cool           Cool 
  • Rainpal® is Design and Mechanical Patent Protected and the word Rainpal is a Registered Trademark.
  • We can't stop the rain but we can make your ride safer by providing you with the best method to clear your existing visor of rain like wipers on a car windshield ! The most effective way for the clearest vision is a wiper system which is why wipers are mandatory on cars as other methods are not as safe. Rainpal® provides riders with the same clear vision through your visor as wipers in a car.
  • What scratching? 150+ reviews on a single site of Vee-wipe which is used in the same conditions as Rainpal® for example heavy rain, drizzle, road spray, grit etc state there is no scratching even with the removal of dirt on a visor. The difference is Rainpal® let's you keep both hands on your steering. How? By using your left thumb to control a single wipe, continuous adjustable speed, delay wipe just as in a car for more details see our Q&A section. Did we mention the water spray? Rainpal's® wiper blade is made utilising a similar design and rubber. Our visor manufacturer friends help us by currently making so many scratch resistant visors.
  • Rainpal® fits existing Full Face, Flip Face and Open face visors that are 24 to 26 cms in a direct line attachment point to attachment point and has an optional water spray like a car. Riders have been second to car drivers for over 100 years in terms of vision. Adam Aarons is changing that with his amazing invention, Rainpal® The Road Ahead Is Clear.
  • Rainpal® attaches to the bracket in 1 second even whilst wearing gloves so you can keep Rainpal® under your seat for when the rain starts. 
  • Minimal wind drag  by the small footprint 16mm by 19mm and no noticeable vibration, no noticeable noise motor noise etc Rainpal® The Road Ahead Is Clear !
  • Interior fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the visor so if you reduce this difference you reduce fogging. By removing the rain from your visor this rain is colder than air at ground level as it has fallen from high in the sky where it is much colder so the outside of the visor temperature is not so cold and therefore the temperate difference is reduced and additionally there is less wind chill means less interior fogging. We tried this on our cars with the heater off and the windscreen air vents closed and the wiped areas of the windscreen took much longer to fog on the inside where as the outer area that had rain sitting fogged up much faster.
  • 100's of Pre-Orders have already been fully paid for and will ship on a first ordered first to be dispatched global basis.
  • Rainpal® Evo will also have built in video recording for proof for Police and/or your Insurance company in an accident.

  • The variable tension wiper shaft also detaches on all models and is especially handy for our video recording model.

  • Constructed from the finest materials by one of the most advanced engineering companies globally having been proudly designed in Great Britain by Adam Aarons with over 1100 senior connections including CEO's of many investment banks globally for whom over the decades Adam recruited for in many countries, some candidates even became clients.  
  • Battery powered or the option to connect Rainpal to your motorcycle's power via cables to give you power for the longest of rides the cable will have a coin battery powered bleeper that sounds when the ignition is turned off to remind you to disconnect the cable before getting off your motorcycle and a magnetic break wire in case the bleeper does not sound. 
  • Rainpal® will be filmed in detail including inner helmet shots the sleekest electric wiper in the world will ship globally.  

  • Our competition have set up fake news hate sites. 4 avid Trolls 1 of which has been struck off at the UK's Companies House you can imagine the type. The 4 don't care about you, or us, or riders in general, or Rainpal® they only want attention use false names to spread hate and fake news and will do anything lie, fake statements to get attention from the other 3. They tried to get more people over the last 18 months but failed. Fortunately there is a word for such people Troll as defined by Wikipedia "Troll is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal, on-topic discussion" 1 of trolls has spent $100's registering Rainpal® domains to try and get our traffic. The 4 are all UK based like us and track every letter of Rainpal's® site every hour and then printing any changes (even a word) to their group of hate and fake news to see what the other 3 think. None of them have any association with Rainpal®, or Adam Aarons the inventor of Rainpal® in any respect financially, or personally, or have any of them ever met Adam, yet spend so much of their life hating a product they have nothing to do with. The modern internet. Adam Aarons has offered to answer professional questions that any of the 4 may have but they do not have the courage to use their real names and hide as they know they are guilty of libel. Whilst we welcome competition we are not betting the farm on competition from the 4 trolls. They register their website in Panama a known secrecy jurisdiction clearly they are not honest. Genuine customers with genuine names who ordered Rainpal® do not complain. Rainpal® with it's team of talented Mechanical, Electrical and Industrial designers moves forward in the exciting development of the world's only electric wiper. The 4 are a tiny percentage but they are tiresome every day harass us bombard us with emails which we have to block, send messages to our phones using fake details they are just well, just sad. It is summer they should get outside away from their computers they don't seem to have life outside Rainpal®. At Rainpal® we are a tough and resilient team they have and never will intimidate us now with 10,000,000's of riders interested in Rainpal© globally they have failed and we are more determined than ever. check out our Published Globally  A great reception with Presales fully paid for. Why mention the 4? Well like you see signs at train stations asking you not to feed the pigeons we respectfully ask "Please do not feed the trolls"

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