• Worried about scratching? Rainpal contacted many motorcycle shops in regards to if wiper gloves scratch visors and not one of them had ever heard of a single scratch so Rainpal should not scratch either. For people still worried we will ship a free Tear Off on us. Therefore guaranteed no scratching.
  • We have now taken 100's of fully paid Pre Orders. To secure your place in the queue consider placing a Pre Order as prices might go higher once we are in stock.  
  • A post on 12.1.17 on theRevcounter.co.uk "Tonight I attempted to ride home in the wet. Everything was going swimmingly (pun!) still my visor got wet. Using the wiper on my gloves made no difference and before anyone asks the visor is new. Lifting the visor just meant that the rain hit my face. Not too bad, till the snow/ hailstones or whatever it was hit my eyeballs and I was instantly blinded. Not very safe in traffic What should I do to the visor to get the rain to bead off or at least be able to wipe it away" - "Side to side, up and down nothing worked" - guys this is 2017 and there is no need to be doing Linda Blair impressions in The Exorcist any more let Rainpal provide the clearest vision ever for you whilst keeping your left hand on the steering and controlling Rainpal with our Bluetooth control on your steering with your left thumb.
  • Rainpal is constructed from the finest materials by one of the most advanced engineering companies globally having been proudly designed in Great Britain by Adam Aarons with the greatest bracket of connections of 500+ on Linkedin The final model will have a wider and adjusable wiper width.
  • As the lady says Adam knows about Rain Discovery Channel
  • Interior fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the visor so if you reduce this difference you reduce fogging. By removing the rain from your visor this rain is colder than air at ground level as it has fallen from high in the sky where it is much colder so the outside of the visor temperature is not so cold and therefore the temperate difference is reduced and additionally there is less wind chill = less interior fogging. We tried this on our cars with the heater off and the windscreen air vents closed and the wiped areas of the windscreen took much longer to fog on the inside where as the outer area that had rain sitting fogged up much faster.
  • All customers paid so far have paid in full for these loyal customers there will be no more money to pay. We do expect a price increase for new orders once we have Rainpal in stock.
  • Be part of the future with a major innovation and improvement in rider's comfort and safety in the rain with a Rainpal.
  • Rainpal has over 6350 Likes on Facebook with massive interest from all over the globe the UK, Italy, France, Germany, USA, Australia, India, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil everyone wants to see clearly in the rain with Mawsynram in India being the wettest large area in the world at 11,871mm per annum compared to London with 594mm Rainpal's family keeps growing with riders who want to see clearly in the rain instead of making do with polishes, wiper gloves etc especially in cities. We don't see cars driving without wipers as wipers provide the clearest vision and are mandatory on cars. The reason motorcycle visors didn't have a wiper is that there has never been a sleek wiper like Rainpal. Imagine how much more likely you are to have an accident if a car pulls out in front of you if you have your left hand fidgeting with a wiper glove on your visor compared to having both hands on your steering like you can with Rainpal's Bluetoothcontrol with your left thumb on the steering. Many people lived before airbags but many more also died before them. Safety counts.
  • Every shop we conducted research with said wiper gloves do not scratch Rainpal uses a soft rubber in the wiper and therefore should not scratch but for 100% non scratch we supply a free tear off. Scratching in therefore not an issue.
  • Now we want to go into mass production. The immense technical challenges of getting a wiper around a curve in a small body of 16mm by 19mm is over. Rainpal has had major improvements to it, a securing system not using clips providing 1 second attachment or detachment, an optional water spray, video recording and swappable batteries so we hope you agree these are great improvements making the delay worth it. Here at Rainpal we are always postivie making the world an exciting place.

  • Built for all riders Rainpal and especially effective at slow riding speeds like in large cities to tackle rain, drizzle, salt spray and general grime with our 35ml water spray providing 7 squirts being enough for the average daily commute. Riding in the rain has never been easier to see where you are going.

  • Rainpal is mainly aimed at riding in the rain but do you find yourself pulling over to clean your visor and end up having an expensive coffee break. By using Rainpal's water spray you can clean your visor on the move like you would clean the windscreen in a car. Rainpal will have paid for itself in no time at all with you drinking less coffee.
  • Tired of spinning your head like Linda Blair in The Exorcist only to find the rain drops are back in a few seconds?
  • Rainpal will shortly be filmed in detail including inner helmet shots the sleekest electric wiper in the world will ship globally.  
  • Our video recording model is safer than bulky side mounted cameras. The wiper shaft detaches for filming in dry conditions.
  • Rainpal The Road Ahead Is clear COMING SOON
  • 5th December UPDATE: Rainpal has now passed through the tough path to prototyping. The long delay from March was caused by our original designer being technically unable to complete a prototype which meant we had to be especially careful in selecting the second company. After thorough screening of many design companies many of whom made promises we did not feel they were technically capable of we have had success and our prototype is completed and working well. Rainpal models that ship to customers will have a wider sweep which will be adjustable to take into account certain pinlock visors that have external mounting pins so need a narrower swipe. We are working to make an even thinner wiper than the current 5mm which will be finished with a matt black shaft.

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