• "Take my money - I think this is a fantastic idea and with it being so cheap who could say no. I'm sure my fellow club members and I would be interested" - Tom Parker 
  • Rainpal is mainly aimed at Rain but are you tired of expensive coffee breaks to clean your visor. Rainpal is not just great in the rain but also in the dry with Rainpal's water spray you can clean your visor on the move. Time is money. If you worry about scratches use a tear off supplied on us. Hey Rainpal will have paid for itself in no time at all.
  • Tired of spinning your head like Linda Blair in The Exorcist only to find the rain drops are back in a few seconds?
  • Some riders have just become accustomed to driving a deadly machine with compromised vision as up until now there has been no electric wiper for visors that is sleek like Rainpal.
  • We are not currently taking orders for Rainpals but stay tuned for updates as we will be in early 2017. We wish you a Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
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  • Rainpal is designed by Adam Aarons for more on him see his profile with 500+ connections on Linkedin 
  • Rainpal will shortly be filmed in detail including inner helmet shots the sleekest electric wiper in the world will ship globally.
  • 5th December UPDATE:

    Rainpal’s schedule:

    Rainpal has now passed through the tough path to prototyping.

    The long delay from March was caused by our original designer being technically unable to complete a prototype which meant we had to be especially careful in selecting the second company. After though screening of many design companies many of whom made promises we did not feel they were technically capable of we have had success in selecting a design company and our prototype is completed and working well.

    Rainpal models that ship to customers will have a wider sweep which will be adjustable to take into account certain pinlock visors that have external mounting pins so need to be a narrower swipe. We are working to make an even thinner wiper than the current 5mm which will be finished with a matt black shaft.

    Now we want to go into mass production.

    The immense technical challenges of getting a unit to wiper around a curve in a small body of 16mm by 19mm is over. .

    Rainpal has had major improvements to it, namely an outside securing mechanism, an optional water spray, video recording and swappable batteries so we hope this outweights the delay. Here at Rainpal we are positive making the world an exciting place..

  • With Rainpal's Bluetooth control attached above your left control cube you can keep both hands on the steering at all times. Imagine using a visor wiper your left hand is on your visor fiddling and a car pulls out of a side turning. If you had Rainpal you would have both hands on the steering providing you with more control and time to analyse and then swerve or brake, which could mean life or death.  
  • Every shop we conducted research with said wiper gloves do not scratch Rainpal uses a soft rubber in the wiper and therefore should not scratch but for 100% non scratch we supply a free tear off. Scratching in therefore not an issue.
  • Tired of cleaning your visor all the time. Now with Rainpal and Rainpal's water spray in the dry you can clean your visor on the move. Time is money. If you worry about scratches use our tear off on us. Hey also save money on those those expensive coffees Rainpal will have paid for itself in no time at all.
  • Our video recording model is safer than bulky side mounted cameras. The wiper shaft detaches for dry riding.
  • Rainpal The Road Ahead Is clear. 

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