• Estimated final production model by Christmas 2017 We are now very lucky to have secured the services of a long standing development company who have completed dozens of successful projects around the world who are able to provide all the skills internally within their firm completing the full development of Rainpal® namely Mechanical Design, Electrical Design and Industrial Design. Most design firms subcontract one or two of these skills to third parties which presents more risk. Rainpal® is coming !
  • Here is a movie of our early 1st prototype vastly upgraded to the final Rainpal® model will have a much wider wiping area, in fact 25cms. Thank you for over 112,000 views on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieqJYODFk24 with over 6500 Likes on our Facebook https://www.facebook.com/rainpalwiper 
  • How do I clean my visor? Rainpal® for the cleanest, clearest motorcycle helmet visors ever in the rain via an electric wiper. Designed to flex, in reality almost all helmets are between 24 and 26cms from visor anchor point to visor anchor point in a straight like. Rainpal® fits via slightly different visor side brackets, for example to take into consideration Arai's visor airvents and will fit Full Face, Flip Face and Open Face motorcycle helmet visors. Superior vision than visor wiper gloves or visor rain repellents or visor polishes. In conjuction with Rainpal® liquid washer give simply the best vision for your motorcycle helmet visors.
  • To make our site easier for other languages speakers around the world to use we have automatically enabled language translation, however should you wish to view in another language you can manually select Italiano, Deutsche, 日本語, 한국어, 中文, हिंदी + more languages can be found Here 
  • Our improved specification Rainpal® no longer uses attachment clips as in the video and utilises our advanced two part bracket fitting on to the outside of the visor leaving the helmet's rain seal intact. Our final Rainpal® will have a much wider wiping area of 25cms almost from one pinlock to the other. Taking up a mere 1.6cms in height at the top of the visor so as to not be noticeable. Rainpal® is quick and easy to attach or detach in 1 second even whilst wearing gloves. 
  • Utilising incredibly strong tapes for the bracket to attach to the visor, 3M manufacture tape with the strength of rivets Rainpal® can taken off whenever you require just leaving the small bracket. 



  • REDUCED Interior fogging. How? Interior fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the motorcycle helmet visor so if you reduce this temperature difference you reduce fogging. By removing the rain from your motorcycle helmet visor which having fallen from great height is colder than the air at ground level therefore the outside of the motorcycle helmet visor the temperature is not as cold reducing the temperature difference and in addition there is much less wind chill therefore much less interior fogging. We tried this on our cars with the heater off and the windscreen air vents closed and the wiped areas of the windscreen took much longer to fog on the inside where as the outer area that had rain sitting fogged much faster. 
  • Rainpal® is major disruptive technology a great innovation and advancement in visor vision. Clearer vision means safer riding.
  • Cars, buses, trucks, boats, planes, helicopters, CCTV, all have wipers for a good reason, clear vision. Rainpal® will provide motorcycle riders more choice for clearer vision.
  • Rainpal® is not only for use in the rain and can also be used in the dry to remove dust and bugs from your motorcycle helmet visor. Rainpal® in conjunction with Rainpal®'s jet wash removes dust and bugs. Rainpal® is effortlessly controlled with your left thumb on your left steering. Features include variable wiper speed, variable delay wipe for all types of weather.    
  • Rainpal® is Design and Mechanical Patent Protected and the word Rainpal is a Registered Trademark plus Pending Patents in the USA which are not searachable in the public domain and can be expanded for global coverage. 



  • Major milestones in Rainpal®'s development including a recent $60,000 investment in our Blog section.           
  • Rainpal® is an visor wiper fitting to existing motorcycle helmet visors Alpinestars, Arai, Bell, BOX, Caberg, Dexter, Dojo, Duchinni, HJC, Icon, Kabuto, Klim, Lazer, LS2, MDS, MT, Nexo, Nolan, Roof, Schuberth, Scorpion, Shark, Shoei, Spada, X-Lite helmets and many more, any visor that is 24 to 26cms in a direct line from the attachment points of the visor to the helmet not the measurement around the curve of the visor but in a direct line the shortest route from one to the other attachment point.
  • Designed in Great Britain by Adam Aarons
  • Battery powered or the option to connect Rainpal® to your motorcycle's power via cables to give you power for the longest of rides the cable has a coin battery powered bleeper that sounds when the ignition is turned off to remind you to disconnect the cable before getting off your motorcycle and a magnetic break wire in case the bleeper does not sound.

  • For more details please visit our Key Features section

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