• With Rainpal's Bluetooth control attached above your left control cube you can keep both hands on the steering at all times. Imagine using a visor wiper your left hand is on your visor fiddling and a car pulls out of a side turning. If you had Rainpal you would have both hands on the steering providing you with more control and time to analyse and then swerve or brake, which could mean life or death. 
  • Every shop we conducted research with said wiper gloves do not scratch Rainpal uses a soft rubber in the wiper and therefore should not scratch but for 100% non scratch we supply a free tear off. Scratching in therefore not an issue.
  • Our video recording model is safer than bulky side mounted cameras. The wiper shaft detaches for dry riding.
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  • Rainpal designed by Adam Aarons will shortly be filmed in detail including inner helmet shots and be available via crowdfunding before Christmas.
  • Rainpal the road ahead is clear. 

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