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  • Rainpal has been published in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean plus more languages.  
  • The incredible global response to Rainpal has been truly amazing with 10,000,000's reading about Rainpal some of whom are in our Published Globally section, Facebook, You Tube etc Rainpal's final model will have a wider wiping area than in the video above, adjustable speed/delay wipe wireless control with your left thumb and possibly a transparent wiper.
  • Dr R.A.A.Eardley A former member of the IOM TT and MGP Medics says "Please add my name to your list of prospective purchasers. I will bring it to the attention of all bikers I know in my area, namely the BMW Club South/West, Plymouth Advanced Motorcyclists and British Legion Riders. I am a member of IAM and I am sure it would of interest to the bike section of that organisation" for some of the awesome feedback check out Rider's Feedback

  • Rainpal Evo will also have built in video recording for proof for Police and/or your Insurance company in an accident.

  • Easy 1 second attachment and detachment whilst wearing with gloves. The variable tension wiper shaft also detaches on all models and is especially handy for our video recording model.
  • Riding will be clearer and safer through your existing Full Face, Open Face visor with Rainpal. 
  • Interior fogging is caused by the temperature difference between the interior and exterior of the visor so if you reduce this difference you reduce fogging. By removing the rain from your visor this rain is colder than air at ground level as it has fallen from high in the sky where it is much colder so the outside of the visor temperature is not so cold and therefore the temperate difference is reduced and additionally there is less wind chill = less interior fogging. We tried this on our cars with the heater off and the windscreen air vents closed and the wiped areas of the windscreen took much longer to fog on the inside where as the outer area that had rain sitting fogged up much faster.
  • Control with your left thumb using Bluetooth and many other features listed under our FAQ section.
  • Constructed from the finest materials by one of the most advanced engineering companies globally having been proudly designed in Great Britain by Adam Aarons check out his profile on Linkedin with over 1100 senior connections including CEO's of many investment banks globally for whom over the decades Adam recruited for them in many countries, some candidates even became clients.  
  • Rainpal's development is via experts in academia and designers in materials, robotics, mechanics, friction, locomotion etc to enhance the current prototype to ship globally. As riders focus on long distance not close to their eyes we do not feel the wiper will be a major distraction however as Rainpal constantly strives to improve we are working on possibly the 1st transparent wiper in the world!
  • Rainpal is currently as far as we know the only electric wiper in the world for visors.
  • Our research says that wiper gloves do not scratch visors and most visors in 2017 are scratch resistant but if you are still concerned Rainpal ships with a free tearoff and these are very cheap to buy therefore 100% no scratching.
  • Rainpal is Design and Mechanical Patent Protected with Trademark Registered. 
  • Battery powered or the option to connect Rainpal to your motorcycle's power via cables to give you power for the longest of rides the cable will have a coin battery powered bleeper that sounds when the ignition is turned off to remind you to disconnect the cable before getting off your motorcycle. 
  • Design has been enhanced with the help of riders across the world, from New Zealand to the UK riders have shown massive interest and been willing to give their valued feedback to help riders.
  • Mass production. The technical challenges of getting a wiper around a curve in a small body of 16mm by 19mm is over. Rainpal has had major improvements to it, a securing system not using clips providing 1 second attachment or detachment, an optional water spray, video recording and swappable batteries so we hope you agree these are great improvements making the delay worth it. Here at Rainpal we are always postivie making the world an exciting place.

  • Rainpal is mainly aimed at riding in the rain but do you find yourself pulling over to clean your visor and end up having an expensive coffee break. By using Rainpal's water spray you can clean your visor on the move like you would clean the windscreen in a car. Rainpal will have paid for itself in no time at all with you drinking less expensive take away coffees.

  • Tired of spinning your head only to find the rain drops are back in a few seconds?
  • Rainpal will be filmed in detail including inner helmet shots the sleekest electric wiper in the world will ship globally.  
  • Our video recording model is safer than bulky side mounted cameras. The wiper shaft detaches for filming in dry conditions.
  • Mark 2 - A shorter inner wiper of soft low friction material to wipe away interior misting/fogging connected via magnets to the outer wiper (Optional concept goal only not confirmed) There are some very strong magnets, high grade Neodymium, grade N45 or higher for the shaft of both wipers should easily provide enough magnetism with an ultra soft and low drag material for the inner wiper.

Rainpal Has Gone Viral In All Major Languages

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