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Rainpal Swappable Battery For Motorcycle Helmet Visors

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Product Description

For too long motorcycle riders have been the poor relatives of car drivers in terms of vision. Rainpal will change that being the only fully automated and Bluetooth controlled electric wiper for most if not all visors in the world. You can keep your existing visor as Rainpal fits all the Full, Flip and Open Face visors we could find as Rainpal flexes and adapts to the size and curve of your visor. Our concept has already been published by major publishers globally some of which are in our "Reviews" tab. In fact in our 1st two months several hundred people fully paid for Rainpals on merely a concept until we stopped taking orders until we had a firm schedule and proof of concept which we now have. These orders will be shipped first. After a year of tweaking and improvement in specifications we now have our first working prototype proving the concept can be completed in a small footprint of 16mm by 19mm. It's all good. Not only just embraced by riders globally Rainpal has been published in many languages and on several TV channels, but also welcomed by rider training schools, blood runners, paramedics, Police etc. Rainpal reduces rider's stress levels in the rain and improves safety. We are now working on converting our prototype specification into our retail Rainpal which is being appraised for evolutionary awards.

Rainpal is the only electric wiper in the world also the only water spray for visors early users will be showing off the latest biker gear.

Variable wiper speed, delay wipe and a single wipe all controlled using your left thumb with Rainpal's Bluetooth control.

Rainpal provides the clearest visor ever.

Rainpal now has a working prototype measuring 16mm by 19mm and is currently being vigourously tested and then will go into Mass Production.

Prices are discounted any customers paying now will have no more money to pay.

Be part of a major innovation and improvement in rider's comfort and safety with Rainpal.

What's the difference between Rainpal and Rainpal Evolution, our Evolution has a tiny video recorder whose lens is 4mm by 5mm (like a mobile phone camera) which records your ride and is great as evidence in an accident for the Police and/or Insurance company. Apart from the camera both models are identical with Bluetooth steering control.

Rainpal has now passed through the tough path to prototyping and we have proven the drive with Rainpal measuring just 16mm by 19mm (0.63 by 0.75 inches)

The long delay from March was caused by our original designer being technically unable to complete a prototype.

After detailed screening of many design companies we correctly selected a company and had success.

Rainpal models that ship to customers with an option to adjust the width of the sweep.

We are also working to make the wiper even thinner than the current 5mm which will be finished with a matt black shaft and the side the wiper parks can be changed the shaft is also detachable.

Optional water spray, video recording and swappable batteries to make riding in the rain much easier and safer.

80% of the area between your visor and Rainpal has a gap so air can easily run though so drag should not be noticed.

Below is a very brief overview of Rainpal for full details please click to see Specs and Answers

Rainpal or Raipal Evo can be used on every Full, Flip or Open Face visors measuring between 24 and 26 cms in a straight line ear to ear as Rainpal flexes to accommodate this.

Rain, drizzle, salt spray, mist, fog are all taken care of with variable wiper speed, variable delay wipe, single wipe, water spray.

Rainpal provides the clearest visor ever.

The Bluetooth control is secured with a hex key. Rainpal attaches via a bracket in 1 second and the bracket is secured with tape so strong it replaces screws.

Rainpal's super powerful Li-Ion battery packs are swappable in a couple of seconds so a rider never needs to be without power on the longest of journeys.

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